From spine tip straight across to the opposite spine tip is 59″; mid-panel edge to opposite edge is 54″. Folded length is 42.5″.

Spring loaded cup near the shaft bottom retracts while you squeeze the spine tips together then let it out to hold them. Has attached wrap around velcro strap and a separate sleeve to slip over it once it’s folded, twisted and wrapped.

“Burled wood finish” looks more like oddly tarnished brass. Comfortable rubber grip. Seems sturdy enough.

Ran a strong magnet along it and only the small latching bits and cup spring are steel, the rest seems to be fiberglass which would be less attractive to lightning.

Got the black for $20.25 because the other colors are over $40. Calling it a “Hurricane” umbrella is comical; any wind will make this big thing a handful. The golf towel bar is just a finned rubber sleeve over one of the spreader struts.