This enclosure is extremely impressive considering the price. The Other brand enclosures are twice as much of this one. One nice feature is the way the doors open, which is to the side, compared to many other types that need to be rolled up and strapped in place.

This product is better than the expectations for the price: well made, substantial materials, thoughtful design, easy to install and use, and does the intended job well. It is a nice feeling when a purchase proves to be so well worth the money.

It fits the cart very well and gives maximum protection from wind and rain. It does not fit the Yamaha golf carts at one club I play at, but it does fit the Club Car at the other. The top on the yamaha is just too big.

This cover works very well for the money. The 3 minor complaints are: with a extended roof cart, which some are becoming, it is quite tight at the top and to get the straps to the bottom. The bag is useless after the first use. There is no way you are getting it back in that small of a bag. And the elastic around the rear tires causes the cover to lightly rub the tire, which will wear the cover over time. But you can find a fix for that easily.

Other than that it is well worth the money compared to most covers in this quality range costing atleast triple.
Have use this enclosure in wendy, cold weather and it does make a great difference. If you play in cold or wendy weather its worth the cost.