This is a good shoe, most of the materials used are of good quality. However, you want to watch your left foot (if you are a right handed golfer) from rolling over when hitting an aggressive strokes. Because of the width of the shoe, your foot, if not fitting snug in the shoe, will slide to the left and you may roll your ankle. Simple way to avoid this is to ensure your feet fit snugly in these shoes. Great walk on the course!

* Moisture wicking linings and breathable waterproof systems are engineered into every shoe to keep your feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.
* The oversized, asymmetrical design provides more power and performance while playing.
* The Callaway Sport Era will also make you faster. Very good fit, great traction and great comfort.

Problem number one: The spikes on the bottom were very sharp. Bottom of the golf cart was rubber. Foot got pinned to the accelerator and the floor. The beach sand can dislodged these shoes.

Bottom line:

These shoes are a 10 out of 10. Stylish, goes with any outfit. Kick butt if needed, clean off easy, and comfortable – even when wet and sand in them. Great shoes!