It is a very light golf bag that can take on short courses. Features of Callaway Bags:

1) it’s new for 2010
2) it weighs in at 3lbs
3) it can carry a full set of clubs (I wouldn’t)
4) it’s a stand bag
5) it has tons of pockets and even a pen holder and towel holder
6) very nicely padded backpack style carry strap (you can strap it over both your shoulders)
7) construction seems very sturdy
8) comes in many color options.

You can also go for pencil bags if you want very light golf bags. But the pencil bags are having two big issues with them:

1) they don’t stand
2) they’re too small

Great thing about this Callaway bags is, it’s nice and sturdy. Callaway just released this XTT feature which makes the entire bottom of your bag bend when you put it into a stand position — this helps the bag be more sturdy when it’s in a stand position.

It has 3 divisions (have Woods, Irons, and Putter/Wedges)

You can use this bag for executive golf courses. Usually it can have 14 clubs though it has the purpose of keeping things hyper-lite. If you don’t have this bag, you’re missing out.