The 43-inch GustBuster is much lighter weight and easier to hold on a windy day, no problems at all with flipping. You may not feel like the umbrella blown around by the wind. And it won’t invert or bend much. But, it is a bit too small. The arrangement of the inside spokes takes up a lot of room, and, as a result. Some people can’t hold the canopy down close to the head and shoulders, and there isn’t quite enough coverage. If you also feel like this just order a larger size GustBuster, which would be definitely suitable for the people, who have the above said problem.

GustBuster is the easiest to close, but it does take the use of two hands. Some umbrellas may need to brace them against a wall or the floor and push with the body in order to close them. Few may face this problem.

So all in all, this is an excellent umbrella if you don’t mind the size. It is small and light enough to carry in a tote bag or briefcase (keep in mind that all wind umbrellas have more weight to them than regular umbrellas), and it certainly stands up to high winds with no problem. You can carry this smaller one on days when there is a possibility of rain, and the larger one on the days when there is a certainty of rain.

Some extra features:

1. It has the option of carrying the umbrella (when it’s not raining) by the wrist strap on the handle or the shoulder strap on the cover.

2. There is an option to mostly-but-not-completely close the umbrella while it dries. You don’t have to find a large enough space for a wet, fully opened umbrella in your office or doorway.