People with limited knowledge of golf often assume golf to be a relaxing sport. It is partly true, as the game is mentally relaxing, however, the game is physically taxing. Sometimes you will also come across tired and frustrated golfers complaining about chasing the stray golf balls in the nooks and corners of the course.

Going after those stray balls often reduces a golfer’s effective playing time. Some golfers even quit the game citing the neck and back issues due to constant bending and picking up the balls. People with existing back and neck conditions are the worst affected.  If you or any of your golfing friends could relate to this issue, then you should look for an extendable golf ball retriever.

It is not just about bending and picking up the balls, there are scenarios where your golf ball might get stuck in a water hole, mud or a sand trap. Retrieving a ball that fell in water is all the more difficult, and it goes without saying that not everyone can afford a caddy to go after the runaway balls.

Over the past decade, companies have innovated a great deal in making golf ball retriever very user friendly and effective.  The equipment usually comes up with foldable or telescopic mechanism, and can extend from 6 ft to 15 ft. You can choose the right equipment based on your needs; it doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced golfer, there are a wide variety of ball retrievers to choose from.  Once you get used to a golf ball retriever, you will definitely wonder, how you ever played without a golf ball retriever in the first place.

Quality golf balls are getting more expensive, with 3-D printers and customization, most people today play with customized or monogrammed golf balls for easy identification and as a status symbol. Losing such balls results in huge monetary loss and searching them without the right equipment results in wasting your valuable time as most golf courses charge you by the hour. However, not all golf ball retrievers are made equal; you need to choose the right one. If you are wondering which one will suit you the best then, check out the 12 best golf ball retrievers reviewed in 2019.  Choose the right one from the latest and most advanced golf ball retrievers.