USA website presentation of this cart is impressive but skeptical. After using this product it makes our initial skepticism completely unfounded. It literally takes me no more than 5 to 7 seconds to unfold or fold this cart. One note, the very first time you are looking to unfold it (right out of the box) remember to unlock the main folding clip. The instructional manuals tells you to open the clip first.

The cart moves wonderfully across all sorts of terrain, has held my large cart bag, as well as my smaller stand bag. The pedal on my stand bag makes it sit a little odd on the cart but with no issue beyond the way it looks a little to the side. Functions fine, looks off-kilter.

Few people finds some issue with the cart is two-fold and related to the beverage holder. One, if you have a beverage that is around half-full or more, you will spill it while pushing this cart (but that is probably the case with most cart beverage holders)…except, there is a tendency for the spillage to end up on your scorecard if you are keeping it in the top holder. This is easily avoidable if you hold your beer in your hand while pushing the cart (which is easily pushed and steered with one hand). The other issue is again, if you have your scorecard kept in the top holder and you have a “soda pop” in the beverage holder, depending on the size of the card, it will interfere a smidge when opening the magnetic lid…very minor issue. However, if they push the handle bar a little further back and place the beverage holder in the center of the bar (like on other carts) it would eliminate both of the above issues. This might not be an issue with a half-full water bottle.

This is a solid push cart. It has been well engineered. Few of the best features:

1-The cup holder does in fact spill a full drink quite easily, but it does hold a soda/beer can very securely. Not sure how a styrofoam cup or larger cup would fit.
2-A bit bulkier and heavier when folded, especially when you try to fit 2 bags in a normal (Camry/Accord) sedan trunk. Still…much smaller than any other push cart.
3- Stands very low to the ground so the handle must be tilted up to acccomodate a 6+ft man. In doing this, the consule will not remain parallel to the ground. Not a big problem, but the scored card is now tilted.
4-Pushed pretty effortlessly and tracked very well. Very stable when you need to lift it over a curb and ride it on just the front wheel.
5-Holds the clubs upright and solidly.