These balls are GREAT off the tee. These things can easily add 10-15 yards to your drive. If you make contact with these little guys they will FLY. Which is a good and bad thing: good because of the yardage and bad because of the lack of control and forgiveness. If these are hit slightly off center they will zip right into the woods. It is like a Ferrari – great speed but a little bend in the road and you’re out of control. This is especially true when chipping onto the green. Great energy but often over shoots. As another review commented, these will also shoot pretty hot on the green. And by hot will explode off the putter. You sometimes have to scale back your stroke at bit to chip to the green, or really dig into the ground.

One thing worth noting is how they don’t feel like a regular 2 ply where it feels like the ball is make out of Plexiglas. They do have a softer feel with a lot less ‘high pitched “clinkiness”‘ that so often comes with cheap two-ply balls.


Pretty good ball, great price, just a little too reactive for those aren’t there with their swing yet. Not all that versatile. For those that “have it together”, these are great! Although double the price, the Tour ix is a great ball (found on the course). The tour ix’s are really a good ball that has some weight to it and some nice control. Just throwing it out.