Bushnell V2 w/ Pinseeker helps you to feel like you’ve never played before. It does everything Bushnell claims. Its very easy to use and the Pinseeker mode works perfectly. It never gives an incorrect reading.

If you have never used a Rangefinder or skycaddie, it is better to use the Bushnell range finder. It does everything a skycaddie does and you can laser anything on the course, not just the geographic references the skycaddie has in its course memory.

The 5x magnification on the Tour V2 is easier to hold steady than the 6x of rangefinder. The Pinseeker feature works great, too. To get a reading on a flag, simply scan back and forth across the flag itself, and the rangefinder will show you the closest reading it gets, which is almost always the distance to the pin.

It’s easy to get distance to hazards, also, using the pinseeker setting, but if you have trouble reading a certain object for some reason, you can switch off pinseeker, and use the rangefinder in scan mode, getting continuously updated distances to everything the laser sweeps across.

V2 range finder is extremely accurate, versatile, light weight, compact, and easy to use. When comparing distances to Sky Caddie, the V2 is right on every time. This device is perfect for 5 handicappers. The more expensive models with more features and 7x power are not as compact and easy to use because of the size and having to hold the higher power models very steady when looking through the viewfinder. However, the Sky Caddie gives faster readouts, naturally, it still has a $50 annual renewal, requires periodic charging (about every 4th round), and new courses have to be downloaded. So, most players would do fine with just the V2.

Though it has many never before features, it has few disadvantages also. A flag that is far away from you looks small in the eyepiece. If the wind is blowing, it is even harder to get it in the little circle for a measurement.