The Bushnell Tour V2 has advanced the accuracy and quickness of operation quite well. This is the easiest little golf rangefinder you can buy! It is so easy to use.

It is really small and the pinseeker is quick and concise. You can strap it on to your belt. It is very comfortable. If you are wondering if it will pick up 440 yd holes because you hit the ball that long, this unit is not for you. You can get the info quickly and precisely. No tricky computer downloads. No annual fees with the Bushnell V2.

This Bushnell V2 can be used with one hand. The V2 has the slope option. If you are going to buy it choose the one with the slope option.


The battery is troublesome to load into the unit and other reports of keeping it in its hole have been reported. Alright You can put a piece of gorilla tape over it as a precaution. Battery life was also a concern. The battery is also a not so typical, so keeping a spare in your bag is a good idea. It is also a more expensive one over the common AA or AAA ones. The carrying case is a bit cumbersome but there are aftermarket colorfull ones in the golf stores or on line.

Overall The Bushnell V2 is highly recommendable unit and you will not regret it. The Amazon price is good and the delivery is also quick.