Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition Laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker has wonderful ease of use and accuracy. It gives readings which are very repeatable. It seems to be durable.

Laser rangefinder (LR) is more useful and less of a hassle than a GPS unit. A GPS unit has it’s definate advantages and one of them is when you play a course that has a lot of blind shots. You can still use the LR but it takes a little bit more work than a GPS. Fortunately, You can play courses that pretty much have line of site.


1) You can use a LR on the practice range and get exact distances to the flags. This is especially useful for grass practice ranges.

2) You can get a distance on the group ahead to determine if their out of range.

3) You can use it at any course. You don’t have to search and download before playing.

4) You can get a distance reading directly to the flag and not just the front, middle, and back of the green.

5) The silicone/rubber surface resists all kind of inks, so that it is impossible to inscribe your name on the outside of the device.

6) The pinseeker feature is excellent for picking up the flag. Using the other setting is helpful in picking layup distances.

7) It uses a long lasting 9v battery. Smaller rangefinders use a 3v battery. The battery will become exhausted when you need the device most. Keep a fresh 9 v battery in your bag.

8. It’s sturdier on the hands than smaller Rangefinders.

9) The door to the battery compartment will fall open if it is not securely and positively closed.

10) This rangefinder IS now legal for use on most courses and in most amateur tournaments. This is a local exception to Rule 14-3 made by most local and tournament committees. Note that the model of rangefinder (Bushnell Pro 1600 Slope Edition Laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker and others) which computes slope IS NEVER legal, even if that function is not used, and local committees are not empowered to make an exception. It is the golfer’s responsibility to check with the local officials regarding the exception, and to point out prior to the round that this model does not indicate slope (gradient).

11) The Bushnell comes with a 2 year vs 1 year warranty. These things aren’t cheap so that is important.

12) The Bushnell is really waterproof, not simply “weather resistant”.


1) Price compared to other busnell devices (you have to decide if the 7x zoom and waterproofing are worth it to you)

2) Size (the bigger size could be a con for some people)