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Following the stunning comeback performance by Europe at Medina in Chicago two years ago, the Ryder Cup, golf’s most exciting and popular event, returns to the ...

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How To Pick Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Owning golf shoes is not only an added advantage to a golf player but also a great source of support, safety and comfort. Despite that gold ...

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You Must Have Your Eyes Over the Golf Ball When You Putt

The Golf Putt Perfect App

Most golfers have heard that to make a good putt they have to have their eyes over the ball but most people don’t pay much attention ...

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Hartford Group International Looking to Invest in the Golf Industry

Golf Investment

We continue to closely track the latest happenings in the golf world, though it is more about the tournaments, leaderboards and new courses than the business ...

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Top Golf Vacation Destinations in Mexico

Vida Vacations Golf

When avid golfers plan a vacation, they tend to focus on destinations with golf courses and that can make it difficult to decide on a destination. ...

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Choosing the Right Golf Academy While Traveling

Joining a golf academy is essential for an aspiring golfer as it plays a vital role in fine tuning the skills.  There are thousands of academies ...

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Advantages of Synthetic Turfs & Putting Greens

Synthetic Putting Greens

Synthetic Practice putting greens are mini golf course that you can install anywhere; it can even be installed indoors if you have sufficient space in your ...

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Where to Eat During the Masters Week in Augusta

Rhineharts Oyster Bar

Every golf enthusiast is aware of the tradition and signification of Augusta Masters Cup. The first event of the four major championships in professional golf is ...

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When is the Best Time of Day to Play Golf?

The Best Time of Day to Play Golf

The best time of day to play golf ultimately depends on what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to save money on golf or ...

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How to Prepare Yourself for a Golf Game

Improve Your Golf

By Kevin Hutto Before you go to a golf course, it’s important that you are in the mood to play the game. Even if you’re already ...

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