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Things To Keep In Mind In The Golf Course

By Ambert Stephens

Most of the sports we watch and play always involve a referee, an umpire or an official to facilitate the pace of the game. They make sure that the overall game is well-officiated and working well. Undoubtedly, everything is in place if they are organized. But, there are a few games that doesn’t need much supervision, yet call for a boat load of discipline and integrity.

Golf is one of those games which doesn’t require supervision of an official all the time, or for quite possibly the most part. This is one aspect that beginners or amateurs of the game should be aware of, and obviously not take that as an advantage to the matter that it’s abused. Golf is a gentleman’s game that involves integrity, respect, and discipline. It’s not just on skills alone – it’s also on attitude. The “bad boy” image is not for this type of game. Golf’s strength as a well-established sports is anchored in sportsmanship.

There are just certain things that is included in terms of the attitude and manners when playing golf. Others may have other guidelines, some have few, or some have more. But, these are the things that golfers should bear in mind.

Safety is simply the main priority: Before you begin on your swings or when another player swinging, make certain that you are at a safe distance from another player. When you are performing your practice swings or even actual swings, a safe distance from another player is essential if you do not want to end up golf club sword fighting. Yell “fore!” if you will be swinging near or in the direction of others to warn them of an incoming shot. Make sure to prevent losing grip of the club as well, to prevent injury. If very exasperated, don’t take it against the golf club. You mustn’t throw or slam it to the ground.

Do not disturb the silence: Respect others by not distracting them while it’s their turn to swing. You shouldn’t make any unnecessary movement, noise, or even talk to another golf player. Cellular phones are obviously a no-no, a slight noise will affect the shot. Imagine if it was you who is getting diverted? Patiently wait for your turn to swing or stroke, and stop being close to another player’s golf ball, usually on the putting green.

Getting the good tempo: Unless you’re definitely sure that it is only you who’s playing in the golf course at that time (which is impossible), don’t remain on a hole for a long time. Get ready to make the stroke or swing once you can to make way for other groups that are playing. To stop confusion, in some games a player which has the ball farthest from the green swings first, or a rule called as “ready play” is agreed in casual games, where players hit as they are ready. When done, leave the green immediately to give way for other. Have the clubs that you need on hand and not take it from the cart one after the other. It’ll surely consume most of your time.

Deal with the course as yours: Even though there are individuals who are tasked to preserve the good condition of the golf course, you must also take part in taking care of it. Whenever using carts, stay on the allotted routes or follow the 90-degree principle. The carts can certainly damage the greens and hazards so follow the guidelines for the course. Rake the sand bunkers to really make it as good as new. Divots and ball marks is an eyesore so take the initiative to replace the divot using a sand and seed blend, or put the piece of the divot back. This functions as a courtesy to the next player. You wouldn’t want to see divots or ball marks if it is your turn, aren’t you?

This is just a number of recommendations a player can follow, but this is an excellent start to bring out the competitive player in you. Fore!

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