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4 Reasons to Play Smaller Golf Courses

Play Smaller Golf Courses

Golf is a wonderful sport, but playing an 18 hole championship level course presents a number of challenges. That’s where smaller courses — like par 3 and executive courses — come into play.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about these courses, here are some quick definitions:

A par 3 golf course is a course that consists entirely of par 3 holes. Often par 3 courses only have 9 holes, but occasionally you’ll find a par 3 course with 18 holes.

An executive golf course consists mostly of par 3s and par 4s, but you may see a few par 5s as well. Often executive courses have 18 holes, but par for the course is 65 or below. On a full-size golf course, par is usually a 72, so an executive course has shorter distances overall.

So why play a par 3 or executive course?

  1. Time Constraints

An 18 hole round on a championship golf course can take upwards of 5 hours. That’s a major time commitment. If you have daily responsibilities that you need to consider, a par 3 course can often be played in less than an hour (assuming it’s nine holes) and an executive course can often be played in less than 3 hours (assuming it’s eighteen holes). This means you don’t have to sacrifice your whole day to play a round of golf. You may even be able to sneak in a round during your lunch break or right after work.

  1. Budget Constraints

A round of golf on a decent golf course can range anywhere from $40-$100. You do the math — that money adds up quickly, especially if you’re addicted to golf!

Par 3 and executive golf courses, on average, are much more reasonably priced. Expect to pay anywhere from $5-$30, but rest assured, you will save money.

  1. Better Atmosphere

Par 3 and executive courses tend to be much friendlier to those who are new to golf. You can enjoy the golf experience without the exclusiveness or impatience of golfers who have a membership stake in their fancy-pants course.

  1. Same Experience

It’s wrong to think that a par 3 or executive course is a lesser course. In reality, most smaller courses offer the same features (sand traps, water hazards, etc.) as a full-length course. Smaller courses allow you to hone your short game, which is crucial if you even want to shoot par.

If you’re convinced that playing a smaller course may be the way to go, Par 3 Near Me offers a detailed directory of par 3 and executive courses near you.

A “par-3 course” is a golf course that consists of nothing but par-3 holes. A par-3 course is often only nine holes in length. Par 3 courses are particularly good for beginners but are often played by skilled players with time constraints or those who want to work on their short games.

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